Conservation Services

Corine Landrieu is a Professional Associate with the American Institute for Conservation (AIC).

In providing conservation services, Landrieu Conservation strives to abide by the AIC’s Code of Ethics.

Landrieu Conservation specializes in the conservation of objects and sculpture, and offers consultation, examination and treatment for historic, culturally or artistically significant objects and antiques, as well as family heirlooms. We also offer collection assessment services, and outdoor sculpture cleaning and conservation. We use traditional and modern methods and techniques to clean, repair, stabilize and restore the objects while preserving their integrity and following the AIC’s Code of Ethics.

We serve the greater Seattle area, but also travel around the region, the country, and internationally on a range of conservation projects.

Services include:


A brief assessment of the object(s) in question and description of the object's overall condition and suggestions for a treatment plan can be provided.

Condition Documentation

A survey of the client's objects and their condition can be provided in written and photographic documentation.

Conservation Treatment

Landrieu Conservation offers cleaning, repair, consolidation and preservation services to a broad range of artifacts and sculpture, including ethnographic, contemporary and culturally significant objects made of metal, stone, ivory, ceramic, porcelain, glass, lacquer, wood, leather, clay, plaster, and a range of modern materials.

An initial condition assessment of the object is given and a treatment proposal provided to the client. This proposal is then discussed with the client and a treatment plan agreed upon. As the treatment progresses certain plans may need to be adjusted as is the nature of the work; the client will be made aware of any such modifications and their consent sought.

Upon completion of the treatment, the client will be provided with a full report. This includes written and photographic documentation as well as the choice of materials and techniques used.

Please note that, in keeping with AIC's code of ethics the treatment methods and materials selected do not adversely affect the object and are reversible whenever possible, in the event the object should be treated by a conservator at a future time. Any loss compensation is disclosed and detectable by common examination, and does not falsely modify the characteristics of the object, nor obscure original material.

Collection and Storage Assessment

A professional evaluation of the condition of a client's collection and their storage facilities / capabilities can be provided in written form.

Fire Remediation

Assessment of fire damage, procurement of a report and proposal for treatment. Treatment of the fire damaged objects.