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Landrieu Conservation and Artwork

Corine graduated from the Sorbonne, Paris, with a Master’s in Fine Arts and a minor in Anthropology. She later received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from the Evergreen State College. She has been conserving objects and sculptures in Seattle for over 26 years, while pursuing her own creative interests through mixed media paintings.

Corine is a Professional Associate, and a member of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic & Artistic Works (AIC) and of the Western Association for Art Conservation (WAAC).

Landrieu Conservation was established in 2005, after Corine did her apprenticeship, and worked for 16 years for a private Seattle conservation studio, and for six years for the City of Seattle where she was in charge of the conservation and maintenance of the Public Art Collection. She offers conservation services for the cleaning, repair and treatment of a broad range of sculpture and objects from the monumental to miniatures, to museums, local and regional institutions and governmental agencies, and private and corporate clients. Other services include condition and treatment documentation, collection assessments, environmental assessments, and consultation.

Landrieu Conservation in the media


In her Artwork, Corine focuses on storytelling, using mixed materials and layers of textures, while nurturing a strong connection to the natural world. Some of her series involve photographic images captured along the way of her explorations, and married to various substrates such as raw hide, stone or paper, each piece like a page from a journal. Other series use wood, metal, encaustic paint, and materials found in nature, sometimes venturing into the third dimension.

The Artwork section of the site is currently under construction.